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 Bioresonance Therapy

The Wavemaker Pro is based on bioresonance technology that has been used in Germany for over 40 years. Bioresonance refers to the science of our biological electricity. Each person is made of billions of electrical frequencies that relate to every healthy and problematic aspect of our physical, emotional and mental make-up. Major medical clinics in Europe

use bioresonance technology to treat many conditions including allergies, addictions, pediatric illnesses and psychological imbalances.


Wavemaker Pro

The Wavemaker Pro cancels out the frequencies of conditioning, substances, and emotional charges that are not constructive. It eliminates physical cravings by canceling the electrical frequencies of the addictive substance. The Wavemaker Pro also heals the psyche from the life-long emotional traumas and the need to escape feeling them. This second step has been a monumental one until the introduction of this instrument.


What our patients say...

"I had been a heavy drinker and smoker for years and had reached a point where I knew one of them was going to kill me. I was depressed and felt ill but couldn't seem to stop. Now I've gotten my life and my health back and I've been able to connect to this person that I probably had never known...my true self. I like who I am now and cannot believe that the Treatment Program worked so quickly and easily. It's truly a miracle." V.N., Santa Fe, NM


"Human Software Engineering (Wavemaker Pro) took away my urge to smoke months ago and I've been tobacco free ever since." R.L., San Diego, CA

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