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Chiropractors are spine/nerve specialists.

Since 1893, Chiropractic has been proven to correct “neuro-musculo-skeletal” problems and pains. Spinal manipulation also benefits the entire central nervous system and genetics.

The nervous system controls the body’s function and  is housed by the skull and spinal column. It make sense that if the spinal column and nervous system are in balance and working smoothly, the body will then function at its greatest potential.


Chiropractors deal with “subluxations." Subluxations are simply joints that are not moving fully, within their usual range and capacity. If a joint does not move properly, it sends abberant or disruptive nerve signals to the central nervous system and brain, and to the local muscles and surrounding tissue. Subluxations provoke inflammation, swelling, and nerve interference.


Subluxations interfere with the nervous system's communication with the body. Muscles surrounding that joint become tight, to protect and further restrict mobility. If a joint cannot move properly, surrounding cell health is impaired. There is a decrease in circulation, toxins build up, and then pain receptors are stimulated. Pathophysiology can occur in the organs innervated by the associated nerves from that area of the spine.



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