Michael Nunnally DC, FACO

Timeless Living, Ageless Health

Our bodies make low-level sounds or vibrations that empower us to heal. This is called "Chi," and is our vitality. The Chinese first measured this Chi in the 1980's, and found it to vibrate at the speed of 8-14 cycles per second. The lowest we can hear is 20 cycles per second. The AlphaSonicâ„¢ was developed to duplicate this healing energy. Application of the AlphaSonicâ„¢ can result in the dramatic reduction of inflammation (seen as elevated thermal gradients) and relaxation of muscle spasm. As local circulation is increased, swelling is reduced. Scar tissue can soften, becoming less prone to re-injury. Over stimulated nerves can be quieted by the soothing alpha frequencies and gentle pulsation.

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